So, why will you change the way of things just now?

You need to monitor and track many keywords and campaigns. With many more accounts and social hubs. soMedya brings them all together, for you. This is why.

Interested yet?
Enthusiasm is the first step.

soMedya helps you keep everything in perspective.

Projects, data, brands, campaigns, keywords and social everything: With the help of the innovative approach from soMedya, keeping track of everything about you is now easier than ever.



See, hear and know.

Monitoring all things related to your precious brand is the core of all. You must see, hear and get to know your audience on the Internet.



Interact, collaborate and touch.

Engagement brings interaction. And interaction is crucial in online brand management. soMédya enables you to touch directly to your audience using comprehensive tools, with swiftness.



Perceive, understand and clarify.

Gather all the world’s data about anything and everything with soMédya: This is your starting point. Now it is time to make sense of that data, comment on it to create a value for your brand.


Social CRM

Contemplate, strategize and prevail.

Creating a conversation with the customers requires a total strategy, a philosophy and a marketing approach. soMédya is with you through the whole processes of Social CRM.



Love, create and cherish.
Marketing is the face; yours, the brand’s, the company’s. Create your marketing strategy with the clever tools of soMédya to breathe in the market, breathe out the value.

Publish & Share & Manage Invent, propagate and obtain.

Change the way of interaction with your online audience. Push your visual stories all around the Internet, manage their stream of value and gather results of synergy. Reach out for the people.



Obtain, embed and control.

Our API gives you all the technical stuff you need. And more.

Get closer. Take a peek. Feel free to try.

Here is a sneak peek preview. soMedya presents you an easy-to-use, hard-to-forget social media monitoring experience.

Crystal-clear navigation

Everything you need to manage your social brand reputation is right here.

Really real-time data

Moment-to-moment data flow to keep up with what’s going on about you and your brand.

Lucid charts.

Easy to follow and comprehensible charts for the ones who love all kinds of charts, including pies!