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No matter how many keywords you have, or how many campaignes you have working on them, soMedya makes everything easy.

Future business relies on the big data, CRM and nethnogrphy. Thus, it's important to have a control over webosphere and delve into social media monitoring. Somedya provides these services with a wisdom and working with them has always been a pleasure for us.
No matter the size of your business, you can know what your customers and competition are saying about you and what the general feelings about your products and services are. Do not ever hesitate. Jump in to Somedya!

Yiğit Kalafatoğlu
Chief Executive

Monitoring is a part of social media managment especially in an urgent situation. We have been using Somedya Monitoring System for our nearly 30 accounts since February 2013. We can follow our accounts' talking contents with Somedya's instant alerts. And also it is very easy to prepare weekly and monthly reports. The other advantages to use Somedya, once you need any help, Somedya team will quickly respond your e-mail. Thank you Somedya:)

Mustafa Burak Su
Creative Director

What I like most about Somedya is its instant alert mechanism called the "Red Alert". I have a busy schedule and can't afford spending all my day monitoring social media accounts. I would suggest any enterprise of any size give a try to Somedya's world class social media monitoring capabilities.

Umut Gökbayrak
CEO & Founder

Firstly I would like to say that Şule and Oğulcan's terrific energy, smiling faces and endless crazy ideas comes to our mind when I remember Somedya. Also it was very joyful to chat and see them. These two wonderful people and their team had great job. I would like to thank you for both of them.

E-Commerce Supervisor

We, as the strategy and research team of Aegis Media, met Somedya on April 2013. In order to provide deeper analysis to our teams and clients, Aegis Media Resolutions created a project ‘social media monitoring of TV programs (Dizi Buzz)’. We have used many similar tools before, and we found Somedya, one of the best tools for monitoring social media performances of TV programs.

It was very important for us to track social media reflections, especially TV series, and to handle performances in 360 degree rather than sticking with only ratings.

Somedya provides the detailed follow-up of the social media sources and also other domains that might not be considered as social sharing sites. This makes the tool even more reliable since not only Twitter and Facebook but also many other sources can be monitored, even local ones. They update their sources very frequently. At the end, our project is an important source to monitor the performances of TV programs and very much appreciated by the sector. On the other hand, Somedya team is very helpful, flexible and friendly. They meet any request coming from our side regardless of the difficulty. They made us think that behind Somédya tool, there is a very dedicated team. Thank you very much for their effort to create this tool and also to follow-up client requests.

Burcu Yiğiter